Bright Stars Challenge


Bright stars challenge is all about raising the aspirations and confidence of Cumbria’s young people. Bright stars challenge is a competition for primary schools across Cumbria. The aim of the challenge is to teach children about leadership and entrepreneurship which we hope will help kids to develop and preserve their own creative confidence.

Centre for leadership performance pair up the primary schools with a local business, the business then provides the school with £50. The primary school with the help of the business will then try to turn the £50 into a profiting business. This can be in any way they like; in the past our schools have made bags and pop- up cards!

At the start of the competition staff from Responsive went into the schools to tell the kids a bit about business and different departments for example purchasing, manufacturing, advertising. This is then taken on board when the children come to make their own business! They all have a role within a department and we have always seen then children absolutely run with the ideas!

There are multiple categories to win and the schools are judged not only on how much money they make but on what they have learnt and how they carried out their business, the schools create blogs for everybody to see throughout the whole process and are used to judge at the end.

All money raised goes to a charity of the schools choice.

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