Employee Spotlight – Olivia Winter– National Apprenticeship Week 2020


Next up in our mini series for National Apprenticeship week, Olivia Winter.

Olivia is an NVQ apprentice studying for her NVQ Level 3 within business administration and a dedicated member of our Responsive team.

Question and Answer session:-

Why did you decide on an apprenticeship rather than a more conventional academic route, such as university?

School wasn’t my favourite place so I really didn’t want to be in a classroom longer than I needed to be. I’m a very practical learner and grasp things quicker when I’m thrown in to them and get to do it myself so an apprenticeship was perfect for me.  Apprenticeships are still academic because of course work and college days but practical work helps support everything you’re learning in the classroom.

If you could do anything else other than work Monday to Friday, what would that be?  

Sleep – no joking I couldn’t think of anything else I would rather be doing than work Monday – Friday. My worst nightmare is being sat bored all the time which is why I like my job so much – I’m never bored. 

When you were younger, what job did you think you would be doing when you grew up?

I thought I’d be a teacher – it was what I wanted to do up until leaving school.

Favourite pastime, what do you live for?

Going on holiday (ps don’t like this question)

5 years time, what role will you dream to be in at Responsive?

HR Manager 

If you could make any suggestion to school leavers who may be struggling with decisions on future career options, what would that be?

Do something that you enjoy and everything else will follow. Don’t feel like the choice is your final one because everything could change quickly. If you do something and it turns out different to what you expected you can always change what you’re doing, you can go back to college or university at any time and you can also become an apprentice at any age. 

Lee Adds Olivia was our first NVQ Apprentice for business administration and has made a positive impact on the daily operation of the Responsive Companies.

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