Responsive Join ADIPS (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme)


Responsive are forever more expanding into different industries and applying our un-rivalled skill, qualification and commitment to integrity and the latest scheme approval only enhances our drive further.

We have recently joined the Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme also known as ADIPS. ADIPS are the UK body which oversees the fairground and leisure attraction industry within the UK to ensure that before use and yearly rides are inspected and tested to UK standards using a range of NDT techniques as defined by the operators written scheme of inspection.

ADIPS covers the four types of inspection detailed in HSG 175. These are:

Design Review, Assessment of Conformity to Design, Initial Test & In-Service Annual Inspection

Responsive now have approval to undertake the Non Destructive Testing at the In-Service Annual Inspection.

We are geographically suited to cover the majority of the UK with our NDT being based in Cumbria and in Manchester and travel constantly to our clients sites to undertake testing.

ADIPS Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme – from their website

“We’re here to ensure that each and every fairground and amusement park ride or device is certified as safe for use.  “

“Fairgrounds and amusement parks are relatively safe when compared with other leisure activities and, in fact, represent some of the safest leisure activities of all.  Each year inspections are carried out by an independent ride inspection body, whose capability to perform competent and independent inspection is assessed and monitored on an ongoing basis under the ADIPS scheme.”

ADIPS Website

Lee Grears Adds

“Again, more accreditations for our inspection service shows our dedication to keeping the UK safe whether this is within Nuclear, Petrochemical or now the consumer market for fairground and theme park attractions. Our ultimate goal is that “integrity saves lives” – in more areas than the eye chooses to see.”

Lee Grears – Responsive Director


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