Business School Partnership


The business school partnership is something that we take part in through BECBC. All of our staff are signed up to receive emails from the group to tell us when schools need help from businesses. This ranges from needing members on the school board to need help running STEM workshops.

Many of our staff have been involved in events with both primary and secondary schools. A few of our apprentices have even been back to their own secondary schools to take part in events such as career days and speed interviewing. All of our staff are encouraged to take up requests by the business school partnership if they are free to do so.

More about the programme here –

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to go back to my secondary school and get to speak to all the students on their “World of work” day. It was interesting to hear what they wanted to do and what pathways they wanted to take. I was glad that i could offer some advice about the route i took and my career now.

Olivia Winter – HR and Business Support Technician

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