ProjX, a new work awareness programme sponsored by Sellafield Ltd, and delivered by CfLP in partnership with Cumbrian business. The programme offers Year 10 students a week-long interactive work experience, which features a multi-disciplinary project working with a range of organisations within the nuclear supply chain. Student ‘employees’ come together to work on a business project, getting exposure to the range of employers and professions.

The project raises awareness of how collaboration is needed on any project whilst showcasing the different range of roles needed; for example HR, health and safety, finance, project management, marketing and communications. Students gain awareness and experience of the different skills and behaviours needed to succeed in delivering successful projects within the nuclear supply chain.

The 2019 Programme was developed with the collaborated ideas and thoughts from the Cumbrian businesses, where the year 10 students were given the challenge to develop a mobile escape room game.

Responsive’s role within the project was to deliver a ‘Quality in engineering and projects’ session, which included group activities and an outlook of how the designated quality manager within each group had to use their teamwork to overcome quality issues during their project.

The Responsive team was led by Mathew Tomkinson and a collaborated effort with Danielle Lithgow from Jacobs, which enabled us to share different work experiences and thoughts throughout the session.

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